Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I wash the My Wonder Cloth?

Wash separately from towels or items that leave lint.

Wash in warm to hot water.

Use any laundry soap that does not contain bleach or fabric softener additives.

Hang to dry.

Cloths can also be hand washed with laundry or dish soaps that do not contain skin softeners (these may plug the microfibers). The cloths must be rinsed well of soap or some residue will remain on surfaces after you clean.

Periodical boiling of the cloths helps open the micro fibres as wide as possible to release built up laundry soaps and to lighten some stains. This also sterilizes the cloth. Simply boil cloth in a pot of water on top of the stove for 5 minutes. We also recommend (after personal experience) to set the timer as one can become distracted and forget about the cloths and boil the pot dry. Dump the water and cloths into the sink and rinse with cooler water if you want to use them immediately. If not, hang to dry.

2. Why is my cloth leaving lint behind?

The cloth could have been washed with some linty items or put in the dryer.

Boil the cloth in a pot of water on top of the stove for 5 minutes. This causes the micro fibre to open as wide as possible and release the lint.

3. Why are their streaks on the surface?

The cloth is dirty. Wash with detergent and air dry.

4. Why are their water spots on the surface? 

There is too much moisture in the cloth. Wring it out harder.

5. Can I use disinfectant cleaner with the Wonder Mop? 

The mop is designed to be used with water.  When the mop is used with only water, there will be no streaks or spots on the floor when it dries.  It is a matter of soaking the mop in water, wring it out and mop the floor.  It will dry streak free.

When the mop is used with a disinfectant cleaner or general purpose cleaner, there is a good possibility there could be streaks visible on the floor when it dries.  This is caused by the chemical residue left on the floor surface.

6. Is this cloth endorsed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency)? 

Yes. Here is a link to the article from their website:

Wet - Wring - Wipe!

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