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Client Testimonials

I was so surprised and how well this cloth works.I first used it in my car, the cloth was like a magnet to dirt. I was even more surprised when I cleaned my windows. I've never been able to clean my windows on the inside without streaks and I had great success. My Wonder Cloth is amazing.


Just had to let you know I reluctantly tried the wonder cloth and was absolutely amazed! We recently added a sunroom addition with 8 sliding glass doors. I can clean the windows inside and out in no time without streaks or chemicals. Then I thought I’d put it to another test, my van, bugs and tar were effortless. I am a true believer. I have told everyone that I know. Thank you for this great product!!!

Amazed from Wisconsin

One of the best things about this cloth is all the money I save by not buying bottles of cleaning stuff, that also gives me more room in my cabinets. Hated my new kitchen, mostly black, didn’t think about black showing everything. I used very expensive cleaners I could find. Now my cloth and a little water keep it looking beautiful. Glass tables tops, mirrors NO more streaks. Cleaned my window, what a breeze!! Can‘t wait to get my mop. I buy one for everyone I know, I want them to be as happy as I am.

Happy in Vero Beach, Fl

Best cleaning cloth without a doubt! My Wonder cloth does it all as the ads claim… glass, ceramic tile, kitchen counters & floors, bathroom vanities & mirrors and on & on! I couldn’t clean without this miracle cloth. It certainly makes your life easier.

Happy in Bowling Green, KY

I love this cloth, I have to clean homes that have a whole wall of mirrors. It was a real pain, they always smeared and streaked when the light was shining. It looked awlful. I tried the cloth using only water. It took about three times due to left over residue from the cleaning products, now I just have to wipe and the wall shines like new. I have saved at least one hour a week cleaning due to the cloth. It really does work.


Wet - Wring - Wipe!

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